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Our Vineyards

The heart of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars is undoubtedly the scenic estate vineyards, and extraordinary care is taken to assure that a wine’s aroma, flavor, and texture express a sense of place. This care is manifested in our winery's sustainable farming practices.

Although the S.L.V. and FAY vineyards adjoin each other, the iconic Napa wines they produce carry expressly different aspects of the terroir. S.L.V. soils are predominantly volcanic in nature and contribute multi-layered structure, concentration, and spicy intensity, often referred to as the “fire” elements. FAY’s soils, more alluvial in makeup, yield more of the “water” elements of softness, perfume, and rich berry qualities.

Meet our Director of Vineyard Operations, Kirk Grace.

FAY Vineyard

S.L.V. Vineyard